2024 Selection – IAME Series Asia 2024 – Round 3

Karting Association of Hong Kong, China is currently conducting selection for the race, interested participants are requested to email us with the required documents. 

Selection Competition:IAME Series Asia 2024 – Round 3
Event Location:Malaysia
Submission Deadline:26 May 2024
Estimated Announcement Date:29 May 2024
Event Date:8 – 9 May 2024

Subvention by the Association: (All are subject to the final decision of the Karting Association of Hong Kong, China.)  

Apply for reimbursement of the expenditure items eligible for Participants’ airfare, accommodation, registration fee and related race fee. Reimbursement required to submit original official receipts. The maximum amount of subvention please refer to the subvention documents.

Application Procedures:
A completed application form, together with all related documents, should be sent to selection@karting.org.hk
Please specify on the subject of the email the selection for the race.
If the applicant provides incomplete or insufficient document, the application may be rejected.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Selection Application Form
  2. Read and signed to abide by the Karting Association of Hong Kong, China – Karting Athletes Code of Conduct and Responsibility Agreement
  3. Valid Karting Competition Licence and Authorisation Visa / Release Letter
  4. Provide the official results achieved refer to Scoring Criteria of Karting 2023-24 (If applicable)

The following documents can be submitted via email or presented to the Secretariat in person before the deadline for staff inspection (by appointment).

  1. Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
  2. HKSAR Passport
  3. Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents (If race hold in Mainland China)