Membership Application

Anyone who is 6 or above and interested in Karting sport can apply for membership.
Please fill in the forms and send us together with the fees and passport photo to the Secretariat.
Full members are required to be proposed and seconded by two Full members of the Association.
Ordinary Members are required to provide identification documents for verification purpose.

Membership is divided into the following categories:
Full Member: For age 18 or above and wish to join Hong Kong Karting Championship or overseas races.
Junior Member: If you are over 11 but less than 18 years of age. Your parent or guardian must be a Full or Associate member of the Association.
Mini Member: If you are over 8 but less than 11 years of age. Your parent or guardian must be a Full or Associate member of the Association.
Associate Member: If you are interested in Karting sport but do not intend to race. Parent or guardian of Junior member or mini member.
Overseas Member : If you are residing outside Hong Kong, but interested in the Association’s activities.
Community Members : For age 6 or above who live in Hong Kong, and wish to participate in all activities of the Association including the driving karts in local or community level competitive events but not any national (or more advanced level) competitive events.

Members Type and CategoriesEntrance FeeSubscription FeeCompetition Licence

$200 (National) 

$500 (International)

Entrance LicenceFee
Individual (For Junior or mini member’s parent or guardian)$100
Team (Include registration and subscription)$1,000

Payment Method :
1. Cash in / Bank transfer / FPS, please email the bank slip to our Secretariat for confirmation.
Account No.: 147-737209-838
Account Name: Karting Association of Hong Kong, China Limited
FPS ID: 1629 79942

2. Mail the crossed cheque with payee “Karting Association of Hong Kong, China Limited” to us. (Please DO NOT mailing cash which is not acceptable.)

Membership Validity :
Annual subscription is valid from 1st January to 31st December of the year.  
If you join Ordinary membership between July 1st and December 31st you only pay half-yearly subscription.

Karting Competition Licence:
If you wish to join Karting race, you are required to apply and hold a valid Karting competition licence.
For those who are eligible to apply the Competition Licence, just full in the form, review and agree to abide and sign on the Athlete Code of Conduct.
Please refer to the application form for the requirement.
You are required to have a Medical check-up and your examining doctor endorses the prescribed Medical Form.