Introduction of Karting

When you race a kart you are motor racing.  The FIA is the body which controls the whole of motor sport throughout the world.  It appoints one organization in each country to look after events within its boundaries.  The Hong Kong Kart Club Ltd. is delegated with the authority to control and administer karting in Hong Kong.


Do not rush into this sport with too little preparation. If you do, you may quickly tire of minor setbacks and never enjoy the real fun of Karting. Go and attend one of the Race Meetings. Look over the types of equipment in the pits, study them in action and talk to the owners or drivers. Most karters will be happy to discuss the merits of various products and give you their valuable experience.


Personal Protection
All racing suits, gloves, boots must be made by a C.I.K. approved manufacturer. Crash helmet specially manufactured for racing with full temple protection is compulsory. Helmets must be approved for racing use. Before buying any new equipment you are advised to check with the Club which standards are acceptable.

Karts and Engines
Karts and Engines can be purchased second-hand with prices starting from HK$20,000 and upward for a set. Kart with 125cc Engine may cost up to HK$40,000. For more information, you can talk to the drivers, team managers or inquire from the Club.

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