2023 Selection Result Announcement – CKC Round 8

Karting Association of Hong Kong, China would like to announce the selection result of the following event:

China National Karting Championship – Round 8

Elected athletes are requested to fulfill all the requirements from Code of Conducts (Athlete Version) of Karting Association of Hong Kong, China. Any elected athlete who is unable to fulfill the above requirement, the Association has the right to disqualify the qualification of the mentioned athlete. If elected athlete would like to renounce the qualification of the nomination should notify the Association by email within three working days of after the selection result is announced. Vacancy will be replaced by the next candidate following the priority (if applicable). After the fiscal year of 2023-2024, Karting Association of Hong Kong, China may distribute the remaining subvention to part of the athletes who fail to be elected (if applicable). Karting Association of Hong Kong, China reserves all rights and please pay attention to any updated announcement.