Flags are indispensable safety elements in Karting. Flags are acted as a bridge between karting drivers and flag marshals. All drivers must fully understand the flags and obey the instructions of the flag marshals.

Green Flag

The track is safe and the race can play normally.

If there is no lighting system, Green Flag is waved for the start of race.

Yellow Flag

There has been an accident or spin out, athletes must slow down.

No overtaking is permitted.

Blue Flag

The athlete is about to be lapped by a faster kart.

He/She must yield the racing line to allow the overtaking kart to pass safely.

Blue and Red Flag (Double Diagonal) With Number

The athlete (Kart number being shown) has already been lapped by a faster kart, he/she should cease racing and return to the paddock.

Green With Yellow Chevron Flag

There is a violation of athlete(s) after the starting, athletes should reform the grid.

White Flag

Please be aware of there is a slow-moving vehicle (or may be the vehicle used by marshal) on the sector of track controlled by the flag point.

Black Flag

The athlete (Kart number being shown) is disqualified, he/she is instructed to proceed to the pits immediately and report to the panel of Stewards.

Black And White Flag Divided Diagonally

The designated athlete (Kart number being shown) violates the rules, the final warning is made.

Black Flag With An Orange Disc

A mechanical problem likely to cause danger, the athlete (Kart number being shown) must return to pits on the next lap.

He/She can rejoin the race if the problem is rectified.

Red Flag

The race has stopped as an emergency may be happened on the track.

Athletes should drive in a safe speed and stop at the pits or designated area by the race officials.

Yellow Flag With Red Stripes

A slippery surface on the track, it is advised to be careful.

Black And White Chequered Flag

The race is end, athletes must cease racing and slow down after crossing the control line and proceed to the weigh-in area.